Teaching Strategies & Challenges

Teaching Strategies

Bloom’s Taxonomy

A classification of objectives and skills that educators set for their students. These “action words” describe the cognitive processes by which thinkers encounter and work with knowledge. They are used to write Learning Outcome statements and foster critical thinking.

Active Learning

Active learning is any approach to instruction in which students are asked to actively engage in the learning process.

280 Active Learning Strategies

Community-Engaged Learning (CEL)

Community engaged learning initiatives combine meaningful academic learning with community research and service.

Facilitating Discussions

Studies show discussions are engaging and stimulate learning, but facilitating them can be challenging. Here are strategies to stimulate productive and inclusive discussions for F2F classes and online classes. 

Case-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning

Challenge students to bridge what they are learning in the classroom to ‘real-life’ scenarios using Case-based learning.  Learn the benefits of Project-based learning and tips for structuring them successfully. 


Metacognition, or thinking about thinking, is an essential but sometimes challenging skill to develop. This document provides prompts and suggestions for how to facilitate it. 

Teaching in Higher Ed Resources 

Helpful resources segmented by topic in a public NYUSH CTL Zotero folder. 


Academic Integrity

It is essential Faculty uphold academic integrity standards, which are articulated in the academic bulletin. Help prevent students from engaging in behaviors that compromise academic integrity and learn about procedures to handle cases that arise.

Students in Distress

Learn effective ways to support students academically and emotionally to foster success.

Managing Classroom Disruption

Learn about the impact disruption has on the learning environment and acquire strategies to lessen their impact.

Controversial Issues in the Classroom

Addressing controversial issues in the classroom can seem risky, but it can also be a powerful way to promote understanding, critical thinking and learning. Examine ways to utilize controversy by preparing properly, reinforcing ground rules, and orchestrating the pace of discussion.

Teaching in a Multicultural Classroom

Teaching in a multicultural environment can result in a richer learning experience, but there must be intentionality to foster such gains. Learn about the dynamics of a multicultural classroom and how to leverage them.