RITS Toolkit
The Research and Instructional Technology (RITS) Team at NYUSH highlights institutionally supported applications, provides tutorials on those applications and provides a variety of other resources to help faculty transition to mixed mode and online teaching.

RITS Website
Research and Instructional Technology Services provides comprehensive research and technology support for faculty and students in teaching, learning and scholarship activities.

  1. Online Pedagogy Considerations
  2. Useful Tech to Teach and Assess Student Performance
  3. FAQ for Teaching Online
  4. Online Course Module Template
  5. Suggestions for Assessing Student On-Line Performance
  6. Teaching Online: Next Steps (OLN Quality Scorecard)
  7. Online Teaching Models
  8. Rapid Conversion into an Online Modality: Pedagogy Focus

Teaching Guidelines and Policies
University guidelines for teaching and resources that support faculty in delivering pedagogical excellence.

Remote Assessment Methods and Practices
Help faculty determine and connect to appropriate assessment technologies along with examples of how faculty have employed these technologies. See the video below for a demonstration of Mixed Mode learning in action at NYU SH.

Books on Higher Ed
A selection of texts addressing diverse, evidence based approaches to teaching.