Course Planning

Resources to support Faculty with planning, syllabus and assessment design, rubric creation, inclusive teaching and more. 

Accessible Syllabus Template

Academic Calendar

Inclusive Learning Environments

Ideas for creating a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

Mixed Mode & Online Teaching Tips & Techniques

Ideas for building rapport and community.

Facilitating Online Discussions

Learning Outcomes

Writing statements that describe the knowledge or skills students should acquire by the end of your course.


Writing statements that explicitly describe performance expectation. 

Assessment Design

Review the purpose of assessment and examine designing Formative and Summative tasks.

Take-Home Assessment 

Explore alternative assessment tasks for a remote context.

Formatting Presentations

Review best practices for creating slide presentations that are evidence-based. 

Course Assessment

Learn how to gather, analyze, and interpret evidence on your teaching effectiveness.

Student Response Systems

Better understand how students process information and how to create better engagement.